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One of the most important historic Italian bands in progressive and jazz rock, enables the execution of a unique, original, intense and delicate sound, in which jazz, progressive rock and Mediterranean sounds blend together to create a language of great expressiveness and communication.


Since its official debut in 1974, arti&mestieri (described also as arti + mestieri and Arti e Mestieri), artistically directed by Furio Chirico and musically produced by Gigi Venegoni, has been recognized in Italy and around the world as one of the legends in the progressive rock scene. In the original band formation were Furio Chirico (drums), Gigi Venegoni (guitars), Giovanni Vigliar (violin), Arturo Vitale (sax), Marco Gallesi (bass), and Beppe Crovella (keyboards). From 1974 to 1979, after their highly praised live performance at the Parco Lambro (the Italian Woodstock), the band toured with legends such as PFM, Area and Gentle Giants. During this time arti&mestieri released the Italian progressive rock classics ‘Tilt’, ‘Giro Di Valzer Per Domani’ and ‘Quinto Stato’ with the legendary Italian label ‘Cramps Records’.


In the following years, arti&mestieri published several productions, as well as expanding their live activities, not only in Italy but abroad, playing in Asia, Europe, America, South America, and participating in major progressive rock festivals such as ProgDay (2003) in USA, BajaProg (2005 and 2006) in Mexico, Verona ProgFest (2008) in Verona, Prog'Sud (2010) in France, Rock in Umbria (2010) in Umbria, Traffic (2011) in Turin and Gouveia Art Rock (2013) in Portugal.


From 2013 to 2014, arti&mestieri was committed to the creation of a new studio recorded concept album, Universi Paralleli, which celebrated the fortieth anniversary of their birth and payed tribute to ‘Tilt’. Universi Paralleli was first published in Japan in June 2015 by the historic major label King Records, and has been called the best Italian progressive-rock album. The album was released in Italy in September 2015 and distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Italy. It is the first Sony release under the historic Cramps Records label.


In July the following year, arti&mestiri participated in THE BEST OF ITALIAN ROCK, at the live theater Club Citta’ in Tokyo - Japan, with over three exceptional hours of live show spanning the band’s history. On that occasion the entire performance was recorded for the "Live In Japan THE BEST OF ITALIAN ROCK" series. The concert was performed by a total of ten musicians including the four original historical members, Furio Chirico, Gigi Venegoni, Beppe Crovella and Arturo Vitale, as well as special guest: Mel Collins of King Crimson. The performance included original arrangements of the historical masterpieces Tilt (1974) and Giro Di Valzer For Domani (1975), Universi Paralleli (2015), pieces taken from Murales (2000) and a piece from [Red] by King Crimson In addition to the full live recording and a live recording of the vocal version of "Gravita '9.81" with original text and sung by Lino Vairetti of Osanna, at the MJF 2015 in Italy, the complete recording features all tracks in two Blu-spec CDs and one DVD, as the deluxe box set of arti&mestieri "Live In Japan THE BEST OF ITALIAN ROCK" which was published at the end of 2017 by the historic major-label King Records Japan. It was described as one of the best live performances of a historical group still active in the world.

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